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2011-01-05 15:05:13
Finding the Right Home

Understanding exactly what you are looking for in
your next home will help me create a successful
home finding plan for you. Please take a moment
to complete this Home Preferences Worksheet.
Indicate how many bedrooms and bathrooms you
need and any special features you desire such as a
jetted tub or a separate master suite. Consider
how important having a family room, bonus/game
room, dining room or formal living room is to your
lifestyle. Do you long for a kitchen designed for
gourmet cooking or will a simple, functional kitchen
meet your needs? What architectural and decorative
style most appeals to you—single level, two-story
or multi-level, traditional or contemporary, bold
and modern or warm and rustic? Indicate if having
a swimming pool, a view or a big yard is a priority.

Determine how location or proximity to certain
facilities and amenities will influence your opinion
of a property.
Then rate on a scale of 1 to 5 how important all
of these factors are to your satisfaction with your
next home (1=Not Important at all, 2=Minimal
Importance, 3=Somewhat Important, 4=Very
Important, 5=I won't consider any home
with/without this!).
Unless you are building your dream home from the
ground up, there are often compromises involved
in deciding whether or not you will be satisfied
with a given property. However, the more I know
about your preferences, needs and priorities, the
better able I will be to focus our search on properties
that most closely match your criteria.

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