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Driver Licenses

Newcomers have 60 days to obtain a Utah driver license. New residents must verify financial responsibility, furnish positive identification, complete a medical questionnaire and a vision test, and pay all applicable fees. Waiver of the written exam and driving exam may be possible for those who are holding a valid license from another state. Should a driving test be required for your license, appointments are suggested and even required at some locations.

New residents must provide their legal name, date and place of birth, and proof of social security number or individual tax identification number. A state-certified birth certificate and social card are the best forms of identification. Contact the Driver License Division for other possibilities for positive identification if these documents are not available or for answers to any other questions.

 Driver License Division Department of Public Safety 801-965-4461

Vehicle Registration

Newcomers are required to present their current automobile registration and title to register a vehicle in Utah within 60 days of establishing residency. At least one person whose name will appear on the new title must be present. Those from a state where the lien holder holds the title will need to provide contact information at the time of registration. Necessary documentation includes the most recent registration, the vehicle title, and a serial number (VIN) inspection if the vehicle is being titled in Utah for the first time. VIN inspections can be performed at the Division of Motor Vehicles at no extra charge. Other requirements include a Utah safety inspection certificate and a Utah emissions certificate in specific, high-density counties. Along with the VIN certification, these additional certificates must be presented prior to register and titling your vehicle(s). Included in the required fees for registration and titling is a motor vehicle property assessment fee. For more information or answers to your questions, contact:

Division of Motor Vehicles Utah State Tax Commission 801-297-7780 800-DMV-UTAH



Utah Transit Authority (UTA)



Statewide Toll Free 888-RIDE-UTA


Transit Public Safety 801-287-EYES

UTA operates both bus service and light rail, providing an alternative to single-driver commuting. Call for specific schedules, fares, and other details or answers to specific questions.

UTA Bus Service


UTA provides intercity and intracity bus service for Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber counties as well as the Provo/Orem area. Express service is available from Salt Lake City to Ogden and also Provo/Orem on the weekdays and limited express service is also offered on many of the metropolitan routes during peak hours. It is possible to ride the bus free of charge if you enter and exit within the boundaries of the Free Fare Zone in Salt Lake City. Park & Ride locations encourage use of the bus service by commuters by offering free parking lots.

UTA Light Rail


TRAX trains provide a light-rail system that serves thousands of commuters each day. Trains stop at stations every 10 minutes during peak travel times, every 15 minutes during off-peak hours, and every 30 minutes in the evening. TRAX tickets must be purchased at the station before boarding the train. Commuters can use a combination of bus and train transportation by purchasing a transfer ticket. Monthly passes are available for all UTA services.



 Salt Lake City International Airport

776 N. Terminal Drive Salt Lake City 801-575-2400 Toll Free 800-595-2442  

Commercial Airlines AeroMexico 800-237-6639

America West Airlines 800-235-9292

American West Express 800-235-9292

American Airlines 800-433-7300

Comair 800-525-0280

Continental Airlines 800-221-1212

Delta Airlines 800-221-1212

Frontier Airlines 800-432-1359

jetblue Airways 800-538-2583

Northwest Airlines 800-225-2525

Salmon Air 800-448-3413

SkyWest Airlines 800-453-9417

Southwest Airlines 800-435-9792

United Airlines 800-241-6522

United Express 800-241-6522



The regional highway system includes more than 43,150 miles of state, county, and city roads and highways. The most important thoroughfares include:

• Interstate 15 (northbound toward Idaho and southbound into California)

• Interstate 70 (east-west route in the central part of the state that begins at I-15)

• Interstate 80 (east-west)

• Interstate 84 (northbound into Idaho)

• Interstate 215 (Salt Lake County belt route for westside industrial facilities)

• U.S. Highways 6, 89, 6/191, and 40/191

Useful Resources

Utah Department of Transportation Salt Lake City 801-965-4000

Travel Information Service 800-492-2400 Dial 511 Locally