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To say that Utah residents are dedicated supporters of education is an understatement. The state not only claims the nation's highest literacy rate, it boasts the highest percentage of high school graduates and the highest average number of years of school completed within the general population. Utah also consistently ranks among the leading states for the percentage of college graduates.

Half of the Utah state budget supports education, ranking Utah first in the nation in expenditures for higher education. Modern schools, outstanding instructors, and state-of-the-art resources characterize Utah schools. In fact, the public education system is so exceptional that only about five percent of the population attends private schools.

The state is home to nine public colleges and universities as well as several highly respected private institutions of higher education that claim their own areas of excellence. The University of Utah and Utah State University in Logan garner millions of dollars in research contracts each year. Brigham Young University in Provo, on the other hand, is renowned for its computer science program. The state even operates a Center for Excellence Program that encourages new or existing companies to benefit from the cutting-edge technologies developed in the universities.

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A number of private schools are available in the Greater Salt Lake City area for those parents who are interested in alternative learning environments. The Utah Department of Education publishes a directory of schools, both public and accredited private schools, that is available upon request. Inclusion in the directory does not constitute endorsement of any kind. The state education office is also affiliated with a commission that accredits schools in nine states including Utah. For a complete listing of accredited private schools or more information on private education, contact the Northwest Association of Schools & Colleges.


Utah Department of Education Public & Private School Directory Salt Lake City 801-538-7526

Educational Resources  

Utah State Board of Education 250 East 500 South Salt Lake City 801-538-7517

Utah State Office of Education 250 East 500 South Salt Lake City 801-538-7500

Utah School Boards Association 860 East 9085 South Sandy 801-566-1207

Utah Association of Elementary Principals 2250 East 500 South Salt Lake City 801-538-7887

Utah Association of Secondary School Principals 250 East 500 South Salt Lake City 801-538-7885

Public School Registration

According to the Utah State Legislature, children must be at least five years old by September 1st of the enrollment year in order to register for kindergarten. Parents or guardians are asked to bring the child's birth certificate, Social Security number, proof of address, two names and phone numbers for emergency contacts, and the child's immunization chart when they arrive to register. Proof of guardianship will be necessary if applicable, and previous transcripts or contact information for previous schools attended will be helpful.

Utah law requires that all public school students comply with immunization requirements or provide an acceptable exemption statement. This immunization history must take the form of a physician's signed certification. A grace period of 15 days is allowed if immunizations are incomplete at the time of enrollment. For more information on education in Utah or details on immunizations, contact:

Immunization Program Utah Department of Health Salt Lake City 801-538-6101

Charter Schools

Charter schools provide additional educational alternatives with the goal of quality outcomes for students and parents. These schools enjoy greater freedom in curriculum and structure than traditional public schools. At the same time, they are open to all students and operate on public funds without tuition. For more information on charter schools that may be available in your area, contact:

Utah Charter Schools Utah State Office of Education Salt Lake City 801-538-7817