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2014-07-31 14:06:52
Schools in North Ogden Utah


North Ogden Elementary offers schooling and education from the Pre-School to Sixth Grade levels. They have a large variety of teachers with different personalities that are fun to be around. They try to make learning a pleasurable experience for all and excite the kids to reach for the stars. At North Ogden Elementary they also have annual events such as the Walk-A-Thon, Carnival, Field Day, Reading Night, and many many more. My kids attended this school and they loved it.

The current Principal of North Ogden Elementary is David Rhees.
The current Secretary of North Ogden Elementary is Bonnie Nelson.
The current Kindergarten teachers are Mrs. Judkins, and Mrs. Manning with Mrs. Aaberg as a part time Kindergarten Teacher.
The current First Grade teachers are Mrs. Vigil, Mrs. Wadman, Mrs. Romer, Mrs. Morrey, and Mrs. Hopkins.
The current Second Grade teachers are Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Taylor, andMrs. Hull.
The current Third Grade teachers are Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Filiaga, Mrs. Garner, Mrs. Wride.
The current Fourth Grade teachers are Mr. Wahlquist, Mrs. Pacheco, Mrs. Ellis, and Mrs. Ulrich.
The current Fifth Grade teachers are Mr. Bird, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Duersch, and Mrs. Meyer.
The current Sixth Grade teachers are Mrs. Heyer, Mrs. Lewis, and Miss Deamer.


Here is a link for the current lunch/bell schedule.


 Some of the upcoming event are..

  • August 20th- First Day of School (Early Out)
  • September 1st- Labor Day (No School)
  • October 13th- Columbus Day
  • October 31st- Halloween ( Students are welcome to wear their costumes to school because there will be a Halloween Parade.)

Bates is very similar to North Ogden Elementary in offering a wide variety of fabulous teachers, but they also have a Chinese Immersion Program that has so far been very successful. Its is offered in the first and second grades. Some of the annual events at Bates are Dads and Donuts, Literacy, The Book Fair, and many many more.

The current Principal of Bates is Mrs. Barney.
The current Kindergarten Teachers at Bates are Mrs. Koer, and Mrs. Law
The current First Grade Teachers at Bates are Mrs. Xiang, Mrs. Booth, Ms. Carter, and Mrs. Tingey.
The current Second Grade Teachers at Bates are Ms. Hsu, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Larsen, and Mrs. Gubler.
The current Third Grade Teachers at Bates are Mrs. Coleman, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Parkinson.
The current Fourth Grade Teachers at Bates are Mrs. Dittmore,
The current Fifth Grade Teachers at Bates are Miss. Gardner, Mrs. Bird, Mrs. Hansen, and Mrs. Swanson.
The current Sixth Grade Teachers at Bates are Mr. Barker, Mrs. Barker, Miss Wallace, Mrs. Kotter, and Mrs. Hogge.


North Ogden Junior High is the one and only Junior High in North Ogden. My daughter went there and my son will go there next year. It is a wonderful school with lots of different extra curricular activities to make school fun for your teen. North Ogden Junior High has a football, softball, baseball, track, basketball(Girls and Boys), volleyball, and an archery team. Students are told over the announcements when the tryouts will be. Football and Softball tryouts are on the first day of the school year.

The current Principal of N.O.J.H is Jay Anderson, and the current Assistant Principal is Kyle Hansen.
Some of the upcoming events are...
August 14th- Registration and Back to School Stomp @ 3:30.
August 18th- Back to School Night
August 20th- School Begins (Early Out)

Here is a link to the Bell Schedule.



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