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In recent years Utah has ranked among the nation's healthiest states based on access to healthcare, disability, disease, and mortality. Nearly 55 hospitals throughout the state offer a total of 5,600 beds. In addition to three institutions that are ranked among the nation's 100 best hospitals for quality and cost-effectiveness, the University Health Center in Salt Lake City is noted for its burn and trauma units. Primary Children's Medical Center is distinguished as the largest hospitals dedicated to children west of the Mississippi and acclaimed as one of the world's finest.

Weber County Hospitals

McKay-Dee Hospital

4401 Harrison Boulevard Ogden 801-387-2800

Ogden Regional Medical Center

 5475 South 500 East Ogden 801-479-2111



VA Salt Lake City Health Care System

500 Foothill Drive Salt Lake City 801-582-1565 Toll Free 800-613-4012


Outpatient Clinics  

VA Outpatient Clinic

982 Chambers Street

South Ogden




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