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Ogden City offers new and recently-remodeled homes for sale to owner-occupant buyers. The new homes are located in Ogden's older neighborhoods, and are designed to complement the historic architecture of the area. Special financing assistancePDF Document is provided for each home.

Home Sweet Ogden

The remodeled homes have updated plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. The roofs, windows, and doors are replaced where needed. They are complete with new carpet and/or hardwood floors, kitchens, baths, and appliances. The level of improvement far exceeds any of the competition!

Potential buyers are encouraged to go through the home purchase checklistPDF Document to determine eligibility requirements and become familiar with procedures for making an offer. 

To see properties, contact your real estate agent or the listing broker as noted in the table below. Properties are only shown after the offer period begins.

Please contact Ogden City's Community Development Division for assistance with the Home Sweet Ogden program.

Call Robert Bolar 801-737-3333 for program questions and to see the available properties.