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Robert paid attention to my needs and wants in a home. He was always willing to show a home to me at my convenience. He found a home for me that was perfect and we closed the deal. He also sold the home I was already in and got top price. Nola H

Robert knows North Ogden better than anyone I know. He is very professional and because this is his full-time employment, highly available. He was very honest with us regarding what we needed to do to improve the impression our home made on potential buyers. He understands the law and easily directed us through the selling process. We referred my mother-in-law to him and he was so good with her. Ultimately, he recommended she not put her home up for sale--obviously costing him a commission--but helping her to be in the best situation possible.  Justin and Sara Fawson

I have worked closely with Robert on transactions for clients we have both serviced. Robert is a true professional, not only ad a realtor but as a person. Robert treats each person with the highest level of service possible, he spends the time with each person to help them achieve the goal they are seeking. He is always on time and early. He is 100% genuine with everyone. Robert truly cares for each client to have the results but will only do it within the boundaries that are ethical. Robert knows real estate and he knows how to use the law when the time calls for it. This makes having him as your agent very good. There are people that are very cunning real estate transactions that don't understand the law. They try to set traps on clients and on agents and that only comes back to hurt themselves. Robert is who you need on your team.  Ben G.

Robert was amazing to work with. We moved out of our home to another state while trying to sell it. Since we were out of state Robert went up to our home and did things for us to help it sell. One of those was installing stairs off our back porch. It was time out of his busy schedule and they looked amazing! I would highly recommend Robert and his team to anyone in need of selling their home. Alison Umpleby

Robert Bolar was extremely resourceful during the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home. He knows Utah real estate very well, and he definitely represented our best interests during all negotiations. He was always easy to get a hold of and quick to respond to any questions or inquiries we had. He helped us make arrangements for the home inspection as well as to have the house cleaned before we signed papers. He even let us use his enclosed and flatbed trailers to move all of our boxes and furniture, saving us a lot of money in moving van rental fees. Robert was very professional and we would not only recommend him to a friend, but we also plan to use him again if we ever have real estate transaction needs. Brent and Jennie Taylor


Robert was really great at valuing our house where it needed to be. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the real estate field and gave us a good comparative analysis that helped us make a decision to list our home. In the meantime, he searched with us to find the perfect home for our family and helped us know what the right timing would be to both sell our home and make an offer on the new one. I think that everything would have worked out just about perfect had our buyers not backed out. We'll be sure to use him again in the near future. Honest, trustworthy, and professional. I would recommend him to anyone interested in getting it done right. Donovan Platt


Robert Bolar was absolutely great to work with. There were several times when we decided to go a direction that we didn't think he was going to love, but he rolled with the punches and even encouraged us to do what we thought was best. Even when the time came for us to pull the house from the market, he was right there with us encouraging us. When the time comes for us to put the house up again, we'll be going back to Robert Bolar. Olya Platt Randall Sutherland

"Robert has a highly intelligent mind and a sincere and genuine personality. He is highly productive and pleasant. And he is a wizard at applying high technology to serve his clients. Jody Deamer

"Robert Bolar is the peak of professionalism. Very community minded! He is always employing the lastest technology that lends itself well to his expertise. Feedback in the industry regarding Robert is always positive. I just wish we could team up. I would learn a lot from him."  Darrell Beitelspacher


"Robert is true professional with any task he accepts. I do not know Robert really well but what I do know he is always up to the task and it has been a pleasure to work with and know Robert." Evan Child

"I have had the extreme pleasure and privilege of working with Robert on the Board of Directors at the Northern Wasatch Association of REALTORS for the last two years. Robert continually demonstrates wisdom and maturity far beyond his young age. Very good with people and great communication skills. I heartily recommend Robert in any position where trust, competence, honesty and demeanor is important. I expect to see Robert rise to even greater positions as his life progresses."  Mike Layton

 "Robert is focused and committed to assist his clients and friends in achieving their objectives. Honesty, integrity and high standards are characteristics that separate Robert from the crowd. I am proud to know and work with Robert." Max Thompson

"Robert is a very articulate and attentive person that strives hard to be educated about his profession and always maintains a very personable and professional attitude."  Deone

 "Having owned a real estate brokerage in the past, I have helped train over 42 agents, so when I decided to get my house sold, I knew what to look for in a top agent. I listed with Robert Bolar for several reasons. He has the top presence and name recognition in North Ogden, his web presence, and marketing campaigns are the best I have seen. He has the expertise to tell you what your house will sell for and isn't the type of agent that will just tell you what you want to hear in order to get your listing. Robert has complete integrity, he does what he says he will do, and delivers more than other agents do. He keeps you informed of progress and is accessible. He is well connected with other agents, who will go out of their way to show his listings because of his reputation of being a great agent to deal with. If you choose to work with Robert, I know you will not be disappointed!"  Jared Garfield

"Robert is very good to work with. I know he is a professional in the real estate business here in Utah." Mark Ward

"Robert is honest and competent in all of his real estate dealings."  Jim Southwick

"Robert is a great REALTOR. He is honest and trustworthy. WHAT A GREAT ASSEST TO THE REAL ESTATE COMMUNITY." Jamie Eddy

"It was my pleasure to work with Robert and watch his continued success as a leader, coach, and mentor for his teams. He has the unique ability to lead sales professionals to achieve their highest potential by understanding their needs and adapting his style to provide the environment and coaching for success. He has a high growth potential and will be successful in any environment. He is driven to deliver goals and constantly striving to improve through new strategies and self-development. Robert thrives in high energy environments and adds value to any organization."  Les Hyde
"Robert is an excellent instructor of the GRI 200 technology course. The class was very informative. He had shared his knowledge and expertise of the course material in a manner for the average person to understand and to help them to take the information to build their websites etc. Becky"  Becky Nay
"Robert is the ultimate professional. His main concern is the satisfaction of his customers. By that I mean their satisfaction is his goal. In order to accommodate that he keeps up on the latest in Technology advancements as well as participation in his Professional organization's activities."  John Brown
"I had the opportunity to attend a couple of classes that Robert taught for the Graduate of Realtor Institute. Robert is very knowledgeable, especially when it relates to Real Estate Technology. His course was designed to help enhance personal productivity through a wide range of communication and business technologies. His course was well thought out, creative, and organized - which made for a great class!" Regina Montgomery
"Robert is very dedicated to his profession. Works diligently with others in the real estate industry with high ethical and professional standards."  Darrell Beitelspacher

"Robert is a very impressive sales professional. Not only does he possess the knowledge, skills, and experience, but he has the right attitude and vision. I had the opportunity to work with him a few different times, and although he didn’t report to me, I did have ample opportunity to observe him at work and to be impressed with his performance. One of the most impressive things about Robert and how he approaches sales is his commitment to good business ethics. I believe Robert is of the highest caliber, and that he treats his customers and prospects with respect, honor, and honesty. Finally, I’ve seen Robert be successful in various sales venues, which leads me to believe that his approach to sales is product agnostic- I believe he is and will be successful in selling anything because his approach is based on his customers and on how he treats them. I would work with Robert again at any time." 

Todd Handy


"Robert was one of the most effective and well-liked managers at AOL. He was consistently able to use the proper mix of technical, interpersonal, and sales skills to manage his teams and business expectations." 

Michael Knight

Jeremy Bates 貝.傑.

"Robert provided detailed information on how the office might become better integrates into online marketing as well as a thorough knowledge of real estate law. His experience was unparalleled in our office and we all benefitted greatly from working with him."


Juanita Van Domburg

"Robert was lively and enthusiastic about a usually boring subject. He made the course understandable and went the extra mile to help us learn to implement the techniques and resources he taught. I wouldn't hesitate to attend another class taught by Robert. I actually consider him a colleague as we are in the same industry however he is hands down the best of the best."


Steve Krambule

"I took the GRI 200 class from Robert on technology and it was a great experience. He was one of the most knowledgeable instructors that I have had and he made the information very easy to understand. He even offered to do a conference call with a group of Realtors that needed his help with basically everything after the class ended, talk about going above and beyond! I also have worked with Robert in a Real Estate transaction. He was great to work with and he is very accessible as he is completely "mobile" I will absolutely refer him business if I have the chance. I know he would get immediately back to them if they had a concern and he has the technology background to make the whole process a lot easier."


Claudia Hansen Johnson

"Robert taught a class I attended. It just didn't last long enough !! The information was great and helpful. If ever I saw a class taught by Robert.......I would sign up. Claudia Hansen REALTOR"


John Brown

"Robert is the consummate Real Estate Professional. His passion is to provide outstanding service to his clients and he does that extremely well. His knowledge of Real Estate and technology makes him one of my best agents."


Mike Layton

"It is a pleasure for me to recommend Robert Bolar. From the first time I met him about ten years ago he has impressed me as truly professional and honorable. Robert is competent, honest, very smart, a great leader and a joy to work with. Great in front of crowds, small groups or personal situations. A great sense of humor and confident in presenting ideas and concepts to any size group. Excellent communication skills. Hard working and goal oriented. I'm happy to count Robert as a trusted friend and college."


LeAnn Walters, GRI, ABR

"Robert came to St. George and taught our real estate GRI 200 (technology) class in Feb 2008. I didn't know I could learn so much in just two days. He has given me some excellent tips for building my business in 2008. And the best thing was his recommendations aren't going to cost me a fortune. I am glad to know that there is someone as honest and trustworthy and knowledgeable as Robert that I can consult in the future for advice in creating wealth. AND HE'S JUST A DANG NICE GUY!"


Scott W. Wood

"I attended a 2-day GRI class that Robert taught. He was engaging and thorough as an instructor. The information presented was incredibly timely and will help immeasurably as I leverage technological advances into my business plan."


Scott Russell

"Robert did an excellent job as sr. sales manager. He was a motivator of people and provide great incentives for the people who work under him. He was supportive of management yet stood up for his staff of people who reported to him. He was good in technology and managing people and resources."


Steve Wikstrom

"Robert is a very detailed orientated, and you can trust that he has the highest ethical standards, which will translate into a smooth, worry free experience in either buying or selling you home."

We have worked with Robert Bolar several times and each and every experience has been excellent. Robert is professional, knowledgable, prompt, courteous, efficient and hard-working. He is always well-prepared, organized and easy to contact in all aspects. Robert has worked hard to help us find our perfect home and has always been patient and understanding while we discussed and explored our options. He was never pushy and knew exactly what we were looking for. We highly recommend him to anyone for all realty needs.

Kevin A

Robert Bolar did an excellent job helping us with the sell of our home. He was so easy to work with and I had complete trust in his opinions. I felt like he was totally trustworthy and always had our best interest in mind. He was very knowledgeable and eager to help us in any way that he could. We moved out of town and he was even able to recommend an agent that could help us find a home where we were moving to. I appreciated how dedicated he was to answering any questions or concerns that I had. If you are looking for an awesome realtor that isn't pushy, is fun and always has a big smile, then he is the one to work with.

Cindy and Robert P

Robert is the best, he pulled off a minor miracle for us! He not only sold our home we had lived in for less than 2 years but garnered us a few dollars too. Unheard of in today's market. His customer service went above and beyond the call of duty. After we had left the area, he ensured the yard was maintained before the new buyer went in and a half dozens other small tasks. They all added up to a huge win for us all! Thanx Mr Robert Bolar!

George J

Professional, courteous, and thorough. Protects your interests in real estate transactions. The model of what should be expected of a realtor. Very knowledgeable of the market and community. Works to improve the community. Educates clients in the process of buying or selling. Always ready and willing to help.

Abram C.

Clear, concise, and committed to a wonderful Real Estate experience every time! That's what Realtor Robert Bolar is all about. He's also committed to being on the leading edge of technology so that transactions are seamless and can be easily handled over great distance if necessary. I recommend him every chance I get.
William E.
Robert Bolar did an excellent job helping us with the sell of our home. He was so easy to work with and I had complete trust in his opinions. I felt like he was totally trustworthy and always had our best interest in mind. He was very knowledgeable and eager to help us in any way that he could. We moved out of town and he was even able to recommend an agent that could help us find a home where we were moving to. I appreciated how dedicated he was to answering any questions or concerns that I had. If you are looking for an awesome realtor that isn't pushy, is fun and always has a big smile, then he is the one to work with.
Robert P.
We have worked with Robert Bolar several times and each and every experience has been excellent. Robert is professional, knowledgable, prompt, courteous, efficient and hard-working. He is always well-prepared, organized and easy to contact in all aspects. Robert has worked hard to help us find our perfect home and has always been patient and understanding while we discussed and explored our options. He was never pushy and knew exactly what we were looking for. We highly recommend him to anyone for all realty needs.
Steph A.
After working with another realtor and feeling largely ignored we teamed up with Robert and find exactly the opposite. He is tremendously knowledgeable, prepared and organized. We felt up to date at any time on the status of our home sale. I wouldn't hesitate to bring him in next time we are in the market.
Rob H.
Robert was always easy to get a hold of, and acted quickly on each and every one of our requests (which there were several). Love the house. Thank you!
Heather A.
Robert helped me purchase a home from a state away. It was comforting to know I could count on him to take care of me throughout the purchasing process. Thanks, Robert!
Neil A.
Robert has been tremendously helpful in helping my wife and me purchase our first home. Throughout the process, Robert has seen that our interest in the purchase comes first. He has negotiated with other Realtors in a professional manner in behalf of our best interests. Robert's knowledge of the real estate market coupled with his honesty and desire to help people sets him above others. The process of putting offers on homes has been so easy because Robert is well prepared and organized. He has explained things pertaining to the contract so that there are no surprises and frustrations that often times are involved with contracts. I have spoken to many agents but none have been as helpful as Robert. I highly recommend you use Robert Bolar when you want to sell or buy a home.
Brandon S.
We've bought and sold a number of homes and count many realtor friends. Robert is one of the best. If you are looking for a home he takes the time to know your needs and preferences, then does the research to narrow down choices. We did not waste time and needed to look at only three properties to find just what we wanted. As a seller, he understands the market and knows who are the most likely buyers and where to find them, ensuring that a property sells as quickly as possible. He is fair, easy to work with and a terrific negotiator. We would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to buy or sell a home.
Peter L
I have known Robert for a number of years. I've sent him clients & also watched him work as I am in the finance side of the industry and also live in North Ogden. Robert is very honest & has a high level of integrity. Robert is someone that I trust as an agent that I know if I send him a referral, he will take excellent care of that individual and that family. I know that person will be more than pleased with the level of service with Robert. Robert is one of the top real estates in the Wasatch Front.
Debbie B.
Because of my personal experience with Robert, I have recommended him to my friends. They have reported back to me that they had a great experience and thanked me for the reference. Robert brings the full portfolio of a successful real estate professional - he acts with integrity, leverages technology to the benefit of his clients, safeguards clients with his recommendations, understands the market and gets top results! When you work with Robert you get a top professional that you will love working with!
Jerry A.
Robert was recommended by family members who have also had positive experiences working with him. Based on our personal experiences with him I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him others that I know who are buying or selling their home. He was very knowledgeable and patient. Two very important qualities for someone in this profession. I always appreciated his prompt responses to our many questions and the thoroughness of the explanations in guiding us through this experience. I will admit that buying and selling our home was an ordeal that I was dreading in the beginning. Because of Robert's insights, professionalism, experience, patience and understanding I am pleased to say the experience was far better than I could have hoped for.
Tim T.
I contacted Robert when we were planning to relocate to the Ogden area. We found him not only knowledgable but also highly professional in his business dealings. He took the time to acquaint us with the area and shared his insight on the various residential areas. We did not purchase a property due to our changing circumstances but I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in real estate.
Fred W.
In 2011, my husband and I decided to relocate to the Ogden area from Alabama. While he concentrated on transferring his job, I went to work looking for homes. I had been shopping on the Internet, and recall that I had some questions about several homes, and queried the listing realtors. Robert Bolar called me immediately and was very helpful and eager to work with us. (I don't think I ever heard from the others I queried.) As we did not know the area, Robert was our go-to person for our questions, from real estate tax questions, to information about neighborhoods, furnaces, water softeners-he even explained what secondary water is! No question was too ridiculous to ask. By the time we came out to house hunt, in December 2011, we had a mortgage in place, thanks to Robert's referral to Bill Treadway, from Stearns Lending, and we had 43 homes to investigate. Fortunately, Robert knew many of these homes, and those he was not familiar with, he and Bill checked out prior to our arrival. Robert had requested photos of our Alabama residence so that he was familiar with our furnishings and how we lived. He narrowed down the list and found other homes for us to see. We spent probably less than 12 hours actually house hunting, and found a wonderful home, made an offer and had acceptance, all between a Saturday to Thursday! This was truly the easiest and least stress-filled home purchase we have ever made. This is due to Robert's "can-do" attitude and his willingness to satisfy the customer. We highly recommend Robert Bolar as your agent.
Susan L.
Robert took us by the hand from day one. He walked us through our relocation process from start to finish. When we were ready to move in all the items on our inspection list were complete beyond our satisfaction. We came here from California and Robert gave us a tour of the area, the schools, and helped us understand each city that we looked in. He picked us up each day from our hotel and made sure we had cold water and snacks each day. Our past moving experiences were nothing like this. He was honest and accurate the whole time and did not pressure us to buy one property. I would encourage anyone to hire Robert Bolar.
Jerry W.
While looking for a home in Davis and Weber counties we were very grateful for the knowledge and expertise that Robert provided. He listened to our family needs, in prices, the size of the home, and locations. We particularly enjoyed the interactive use of his web site allowing us to post comments and ratings, also allowed Robert to give feedback directly before we went out and viewed houses. We also liked that his preferred lender was able to give direct feedback and valuable information during our search. We will definitely refer any one to use Robert and his services to any of our friends and family.
Paul G
I have known Robert for nearly 16 years as a real estate agent and for the last year as his broker/manager. It is my pleasure to recommend Robert to anyone who wishes to find or sell real property in Utah. His attention to detail and remarkable service are his trademarks of professionalism. -Jeff Ross/ Coldwell Banker South Ogden Managing Broker
Jeff R.
Scott R.
I've known Robert for many years and he has always provided awesome service and is one of the most professional real estate experts I've met. He is not only aware of the latest technology, he is very creative in ways to make it productive for him and for his clients.
Max T.
I recommend Robert as a Realtor to anyone. I was very happy with the service Robert gave me helping me find and get into my nice home. He was attentive to my needs and questions and helped through the whole process!
Julie S.
Robert Bolar is easily the best real estate agent I've ever done business with. We were looking for a new home for about a year and were very picky. Our dream home came on the market and within 2 weeks we closed thanks to Robert's help. He drove 1 1/2 hours to show us the house, and then did that drive again and again to help us. He even got the previous homeowners to throw in a new dining room set, outdoor lawn furniture, and other furnishings. His website was a huge help as well, my wife and I went there 5 or 6 times a week until we found our home.
Kathy F
Smart, professional, very technically enclined Real Estate Agent that cares about what his customer wants. Hard workIng, dedicated family man. Community leader. Great choice for your real estate needs.
Mike O.
We really enjoyed our home search with Robert Bolar as our agent. He was quick to answer our questions, and we had a lot. He was very friendly and professional and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Realtor.
Jeff S.
Anyone looking to buy a home should use Robert Bolar as their agent. He is extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help answer any questions.