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Welcome to Utah, one of the nation's most diverse and scenic states. Newcomers will discover an invigorating climate of brilliant sunshine and four colorful seasons. Altitudes throughout the state range from a low of 2,200 feet in the southwestern quadrant of Washington County to more than 13,500 feet in the lofty Uintas. Annual precipitation is equally varied from the arid Great Salt Lake Desert with less than five inches of annual rainfall to the alpine heights that receive as much as 60 inches of rain each year. Snow accumulates to depths of 10 feet or more at some Wasatch Mountain ski resorts.

The greater Ogden area can enjoy an average daytime high in July of 93 degrees, made even more comfortable by low humidity. The high temperatures in January average 37 degrees, warmed even further by abundant sunshine. Utah offers a climate, location, and lifestyle to suit every taste. Whether you settle in the foothills of the mountains or in the warmth of the high desert, you can look forward to nearly 240 days of glorious sunshine each year.

Utah Shines

When compared to the other 49 states, Utah claims a number of impressive rankings:

*           One of the fastest growing states in the nation in terms of job growth and population

*           One of the largest concentrations of computer software firms

*           One of the largest concentrations of biomedical firms

*           The youngest population

*           The second lowest death rate

*           The healthiest population

*           The highest literacy rate

*           The highest percentage of high school graduates

*           The highest number of people with a college education